Frequently Asked  Questions :

                                                      What to wear ?


During your complimentary consultation session your photographer will go over some suggested clothing and provide you with a guide to help you choose your outfit. You will also have the option to  purchase from our online store

   ( COMING SOON) or rent/buy the options we have In studio. Clothing rentals start at $45 for both adults and children.


                                 When should I book my Maternity session?

Maternity sessions are booked at least a month in advance and sessions are ideally scheduled while you are 29-36 weeks pregnant. This allows for a nice rounded bump.


                        What should I wear/bring to my Maternity Session?

I have a large collection of maternity gowns available for use (in-studio) and I also provide clients  with a clothing guide to help you choose the right outfit. I encourage you to embrace this time and feel comfortable in your own skin nudity is welcomed.


                                           When should I book my Newborn Session?

Newborn sessions are within the first two weeks of life. I only book a limited number of sessions  due to Covid and I will not always be able to accommodate a last minute booking. Please call to book or schedule online as soon as baby is born.


                                             When does a Newborn Session take place?

Newborn sessions take place when baby is 2-17 days old, older babies can be accommodated but no one pose can be guaranteed. Babies are much more sleepy and curly during this time and easier to pose into those cute naked & wrapped                                                                       poses you see on my site. 


                                          How long do Newborn Sessions last?

Sessions can usually last up to 2 hrs.  dependent on which Newborn Session you chose & baby's temperament. This allow feedings and soothing time. We ask that parents  please remain in the waiting area for the duration of the session unless                                                                          the photographer asks otherwise.


                                      What do I need for my Newborn Session?

    Nothing is required of you to bring to a session. I provide all of the backdrops/accessories necessary for the session. I  recommend my clients bring only one memento item to the session if desired. I will also be sending a prep-guide prior to                                           the session with simple tips that will help you prepare for the shoot.


                             Are Parents/Siblings included in the Newborn session?


                     Only Full Newborn sessions come with Parent / Sibling Images. Mini Sessions are for baby only. 

                              When can I expect to receive my images?

    Your Final edited Gallery is available to you online within 2-3 weeks after the session. Depending on your package,                                      products take an additional  2 weeks  to arrive after making your final selections.

                                                  Are Unedited/Raw images available?

                             Unedited/raw images are not available for viewing or purchasing at any time.

                                                  Cancellation Policy & Lateness


Once a session has been booked & a date has been  reserved the retainer fee cannot be refunded. Cancellations  are

subject to a $45 reschedule fee ,the availability of the photographer and must be rescheduled within 30 calendar days.

If the client fails to reschedule within the 30 day grace period all fees paid will be lost. Reschedules will only be honored if client contacts photographer 24hrs in advance, otherwise all paid fees paid will be lost & client will have to rebook at full price. Once your session is complete all fees paid are considered non-refundable . Reshoots will only take place under the complete discretion of photographer .

Your Photographer advises you to arrive 10 mins earlier than your scheduled time whether it is taking place in studio or on-location. Lateness will result in equally deducted time from your shoot ; you can opt to purchase extra time with you photographer  at $75 for 30 mins $115 for 60 mins. Extra time fully depends on the availability of the photographer and cannot be guaranteed.